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Our 4 Star Platrand Lodge is in a malaria free area and 2 hours from Durban and 3 hours from Johannesburg. Established on the farm Fourie’s Kraal on the Southern boundaries of Ladysmith, Kwazulu-Natal. Constructed in the style of the colonial era with long overhanging roofs and generous verandahs, and set in an enchanting valley, Platrand Lodge has so much to offer: from luxury accommodation to conference and wedding facilities with impressive views and friendly service.


There are loads of activities to keep you occupied during your stay such as hunting (in season), mountain biking, a gym and swimming pool, fishing, hiking and much more. Situated on the Ladysmith-Battlefields Route Kwazulu-Natal, one of the oldest, undisturbed battlefields in the world (Wagon Hill, Caesar’s Camp, Burgher Memorial, etc.) is literally a stone throw away.

Game Hunting

Our Lodge is situated in a malaria free area just 5 km south of Ladysmith on the N11. The farm is 3680 ha fully fenced consisting of 70% bushveld. Situated 14 km from the N3 just 2 hours from Durban and 3 hours from Johannesburg

Burgher Memorial

In 1979, a memorial was erected to honour the 781 Boers who were killed in Natal during the South African War 1899 – 1902. The monument consists of seven hands reaching up to the sky. Each hand represents a battle of the Natal campaign in the Ladysmith area; Talana, Elandslaagte, Nicholsen’s Nek, Colenso, Spioenkop, Vaalkrans and Pieters/Wagon Hill.

On the ‘wrist’ of each hand is a plaque listing the names of those burghers who fell at each battle. The hands form a circle around a giant grave where the remains of 310 Boers were re-interred. Several of the men’s headstones can be seen embedded in the wall around the monument.

The mountain ridge consisting of Platrand and Wagon Hill was occupied by the British forces during the siege of Ladysmith. Boer forces held positions to the east and the north of the town. Several skirmishes took place as the two armies tried to attack the other’s positions.

On 6 January 1900 the Boers mounted an attack on the British at Platrand and Wagon Hill. The first shots were fired at 2.30 am and the battle continued through a thunder storm the following afternoon and into the evening. The British managed to hold their positions but at a cost – 424 men killed to the Boers 50.

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